Friday, May 18, 2007

watch our fearless TV performance for free!!!

Lovers and Losers...

You can now download our performance on Fearless TV from and it's free!! if you missed it then you can disover the fruits of our drunken loins.....

Enjoy responsibly!

Andy PRiMM

Tuesday, May 15, 2007



Fearless are so keen to lose their slot with fox five they played the show on Saturday and Sunday! If you missed us I’m sure it will surface on the site at some point…head over to and check it out….you can even vote for us!! make us happy, vote for The PRiMMs! See you at Lewd tonight comrades, open bar, sliznig tunes and i'll be stumling around the place!

Also on Thursday at Fontana's...NYC's harder side will be playing a great bill Pistola and the Outside, great mates and greater bands...check them out if you get the chance!!

Andy PRiMM

Monday, May 14, 2007

SESAC Award Ceremony - 05/10/07

What was supposed to be a straight forward evening turned out to be a mix mash of tom foolery and completely wrecked Englishmen wandering around NYC, one of them looking for his car! More to be revealed my young primitives!!!!

Just in case you don't know, SESAC is a performing rights agency and every year, put on a wonderful and extravagant bash to entertain and honour their clients! They obviously hadn't done their homework on the primms, because if they had, we definitely would not have received an invitation. Be prepared for boyish mayhem if their are drinks and high rollers in abundance, and let me tell you, it was in Abundance! It was held at the Lighthouse in Chelsea piers and spared no expense. From Good quality liqour and exotic coffee to gourmet food and candy, i thought we were at Tony Blair's leaving do at the British Embassy!

The night started of nice and calm with everyone dressed to the nines in their favourite Gucci's and rocawear. Waiters and waitresses in mass numbers hired to keep our hands occupied, in which they did. If i wasn't holding a glass of champagne then i was hi fiving some illustrious rapper, p shnizzy or something....OK maybe not, but you'll be happy to know, the saviour of rock n roll himself was at the party....yes, you guessed it, Dee Snider! Unfortunately, i was unable to get near his highness throughout the party, but did stumble (quite literally) into some very cool people!

As the party slowly started to evaporate, it was reaching 11 o'clock and pleased Andy because he knew that he had a great time and could still be in bed by 12 to recharge his batteries for Friday night's escapades which were to follow! well that wasn't to be the case was it....ohhhh no! it's the primms we are talking about here! I could build it up into this horrifying climax, but i wont....the poor kid had his primm mobile towed, and didn't get home til 3 am. Luckily for him, our trusty friend Jen Maler was their to keep him from getting arrested!

as for me and gav, well, lets just say we got smashed, went home and woke up with bad hangovers! But hey.....whats new?


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fearless TV apperance now SUNDAY MAY 13th!!!!

How do dears?

Because of Nascar airing on Fox this Saturday, Fearless Music will now be airing this week on Sunday May 13 at 1AM. The Primms will be performing "Beholder And Everybody" and are humbled by sharing the stage with all time hero's Supergrass as well as the Giraffes and the very lovely Pierces...Tell us what you think!!

Your very own Pop Tart....

Andy PRiMM

Thursday, May 10, 2007

PRiMMs on Fearless TV This Sat night May 12th!!!!

Howdy Folksters!!

How do you? More news from our nebula, Your very own PRiMMS will be on Fearless TV this Saturday may 12th, Fearless Music
TV is on Saturday nights at 1am on Fox 5 in NYC but if you can check nationwide listings at so you all can get a piece of the action!! We are very humbled by sharing an episode with Supergrass, the giraffes and the very lovely Pierces…so let us know what you think!!

More news, we have started work on finishing our album so we will not be playing shows for a bit, we will let you regain your hearing a bit and announce shows later next month. don’t forget to stop by to see what we are up too – we will post some footage of us in the studio and you’ll be able to check out how the new material is shaping up! And although we are not playing…we will be erm..playing…if you know what I mean…check out our blog for reports of where we’ve been and who we’ve seen!!

Thank you for letting me harass you!..

The ever grateful.

Andy PRiMM

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wow…What a week…I'm still trying to find my way home....

It all started last Tuesday we filmed a segment for Fearless TV which was so much fun, their equipment is still smoldering!! Why they let beer on set I have no idea, the set itself was the stuff legends are made of but the links! My word, want to throw us off – ask us to say something in unison! I would like say now that it is the sole reason for me learning to sing….so I did not have to talk coherently on camera…We had a blast though and so will you when it's aired…watch this space.

Tuesday evening we shot over to the Annex like a whippet on meths, our mates at Lewd were having another party and I don't miss an open bar – seriously though…if you are ever in need of people at your party, just make it an open bar, you will get us down no questions asked. As usual the best re-mixes of tunes you love. Mutha and REKles get better every week man…or maybe I just get drunker….

Thanks to all who made our mercury show, fun night and I really can't recollect much cos is seemed to go by so quick! The Howling bells were much fun, Aussies and English abroad…like a volatile cocktail! Although it is the first band I have seen play the Mercury Lounge and turn up in a full blown tour bus, with Bunks, trailor and stocked bar…although touring with the killers may have something to do with that….still trying to work out how you turn a profit with that monster whilst playing at the mercury lounge…but we don't do it for profit do we!!! We do it for the drinks tickets!!!!

So you are in for a break from us, we are going into the studio we have some recording to do over the next six weeks but we'll keep you updated via this blog…so stay tuned and we will post some early samples of what we are up too….if one of us can work out how to…

Thanks again everyone for a wonderful week!!

Andy PRiMM

Monday, April 30, 2007


I just watched this flick recently and let me tell you, i have never watched a movie and laughed hysterically all the way through before!!! Absolute class!!! I'm not a film critic so don't expect a review or breakdown of this movie, i'll leave that to channel 4:

Just a heads up from your caring neighbourhood drummer!!